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You Ask - I Answer

Choosing an effective Psychologist is like choosing a life partner - chemistry and trust are an essential combination in a successful relationship. Got questions? I’ve got answers! I go above and beyond to act as a safety net for my clients, and strive to make their experience as pleasant as possible. Take a look at some answers to the most frequently asked psychology-related questions and requests below.


How long does each therapy session take?

Intake sessions run 90 minutes and regular sessions run 60 min.  

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What techniques do you use?

I work from a client-centered, eclectic model, which means I tailor therapy for the individual using elements of many theories. Right now my practice is virtual by phone or secure video.


I have completed training in supporting Trauma Exposed Professionals through Warrior Health to better support my clients   

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Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Sliding scale rates are offered at 50% but are currently full.  Please contact me for waiting list details.

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